esfihas made from scratch

it's one of the most popular and well-known snack items in Brazil, and millions are eaten every day. An esfiha is a member of the "flatbread-pizza" family, found around the world. It is basically a round of leavened bread spread with any number of ingredients and served either open (like a pizza) or closed (like a calzone).


Beef Esifha

This is open esfiha filled with ground beef, which is the most popular combination when ordering an esfiha in Brazil. Another typical ingredient is to add a hint of lemon to add flavor. 


Cheese Esfiha

Probably the second most common way to eat an esfiha is the cheese esfiha, complemented by herbs to add flavor. Find this and many other combinations at Minas Grill. 


Vegetarian Esfiha

An increasingly popular snack item for the health-conscious and one of the many esfiha combinations found at Minas Grill.